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Businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in AdWords (Google Ads). Increase the ROI on your Adspend.

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Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising Services are a great way to establish your online presence or to bring your online presence to the next level. With a careful strategy and ongoing optimization, a Pay-Per-Click Advertising campaign can produce incredible results. 

Pay-Per-Click Ads can be especially valuable if you have a brand new professional website design that doesn’t have much content, which means your SEO hasn’t kicked in yet.


Turn Website Visitors Into Qualified Leads & Customers

When set up and optimized correctly, PPC is a great way to drive more relevant visitors to your website. Those visitors are much more likely to become leads and customers when you have a focused, targeted campaign.

Many companies often get frustrated with their results and throw in the towel because it seems like advertising on Google Ads is just too expensive or barely breaks even. Businesses that give up on pay-per-click advertising too soon are missing out on the opportunity to drive high-quality leads and grow their customer base.

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What Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click advertising or PPC is the fastest way to get your business in front of people searching for your services online. The only downside to an organic Arizona SEO campaign or a local SEO campaign is that they take some time deliver results.

Alternatively, just like with Facebook Ads, Paid Ads provide faster results since you are basically paying to put your website on the first page of Google and Bing results. When it's done correctly, your ads will appear higher than others and generate solid, top quality leads and drive higher ROI.

However, a PPC campaign that isn't managed properly will bring the wrong traffic to your website and leave you with nothing to show for your investment. We're here to help make sure that doesn't happen.

Our PPC experts have the knowledge and experience to build campaigns that are not only attractive but that convert. We use detailed analytics to show our clients the value their campaign is providing and are monitoring performance constantly.

Retargeting Strategies

Just because a visitor has left your website, doesn’t mean you can’t still turn them into a customer. Re-Targeting allows you to make a second effort to appeal to prospective buyers.

You can use retargeting campaigns to remind visitors that don’t convert why they were considering you initially and use this opportunity to appeal to and convert them. Each of the ads that we use in our campaigns is tested, measuring click-through rates and conversion rates to ensure that only the top-performers are used.

We do this to provide you with the greatest return on your investment. Whether your ads are textual and are shown alongside search results, or a banner ad being shown on display network sites, each of our ads is created to target a specific location and audience ensuring they produce the best results.

How Much Do Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services Cost?

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, how much do Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services Cost?
Given the unique situation of each and every business, there is no way to give a definitive price without first understanding more about you and your competition. Once we’ve assessed the competitive landscape, and know where you’re website is currently at in terms of optimization we’ll be able to provide you with a realistic quote.

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Pay Per Click Advertising
Frequently Asked Questions

PPC stands for Pay-per-click and is a form of digital advertising used to drive targeted traffic to your website. PPC management is the practice of outsourcing these efforts to an agency or professional who can optimize your ads and maximize your budget.

Google Ads charges you per click on your ad, and the amount your charges varies based on a variety of factors. The average cost per click is between $1 to $2, but some industries are so competitive that you can expect up to $50 per click. Small-to-medium businesses can easily spend thousands of dollars on advertising with good results.

Using any PPC platform, especially Google Ads, will require money and time to optimize. That said, thousands of businesses advertise successfully on this platform, and the average business makes $2 for every $1 they spend on ads. Base your decision on whether or not you think you can get an ROI. If you do the math and it’s clear PPC advertising will not work you should consider implementing local SEO for your small business or organic SEO.

The viability of pay-per-click depends on several factors like:

  • Your business
  • Product
  • Cost per Acquisition.

The average business only completes a sale on 2-10% on their ads, but they still spend money on each click.

You’ll have to balance your cost per acquisition with your hard costs and margin to see if pay-per-click is viable. While there may be guides in your industry that encourage or discourage pay-per-click, the only way to know for sure is to create, optimize, and experiment on your ads.

Pay-per-click is simple in theory. You create an ad and establish a budget through Google’s advertising platform. Google then displays your ad on their Search or Display Network.

Based on the parameters you set, Google will show your ad at the top of their results page when a user searches for certain terms (Search), or in designated areas in the header or sidebar of a page (Display). Google charges you a small fee whenever a user clicks your ad, hence “pay-per-click.”

Google only charges the minimum amount needed to continue serving your ad. They determine the dollar amount based on your industry, how optimized your ad is, and the competitiveness of the search term you’re advertising on.

As a general rule, responsive ads are considered the most effective at driving action no matter which Network you advertise on. These ads can adapt to whatever device your user is on without issue, which means they can click through and covert universally.

The average cost to run an ad on YouTube is between $0.10 to $0.30 per view. That means every time your ad gets shown, you pay a small fee to YouTube (even if the viewer skips the ad).

YouTube also has an independent advertising platform, which means it won’t work through your Google Ads account. However, it’s still possible to run Display ads on YouTube, which may be cheaper and more effective.

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